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Creating a design concept and 3D models for Verreum:  trophy for the Czech Rifle Sport Shooting Association


I tried to find and use common, crossing points between Verreum and professional rifle sport shooting during my design development. At the same time, I wanted to create an object which can also fit into Verreum's portfolio, especially in terms of focusing on the mastery of craftsmanship in the manufacture - also using the special opportunity of silvering with high quality blown glass. On the other hand, I wanted to use new means of design -3D technology - and mixing them with timeless aesthetics.

I see the sport of shooting as a field which is focusing on achieving perfection and aims: to hit the middle of the target. Just how glassblowers always have to keep their pieces in the centre.

My design operates with the silhouette of the rifle and with the power line of the bullet in flight -which is a pretty hidden effect (but can be seen on underwater photographs) Arranged those lines in addition to create the body of this object. You can't see that the form is built up along these lines, because the result has more like the traditional style of trophy design yet the outcome is an outstandingly rich, detailed item.


Special thanks: David Šedina

This design was shortlisted by Verreum for realisation.


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