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Sculpture in another Context

In Dublin, there is a Sculpture in Context: a well known nation-wide sculptural review of works installed in the Botanical Garden or in its Gallery.
The works there are placed in nature, and usually connected to nature in some ways by their theme.

NCAD, the Irish College fo arts and design is in an old distillery building. It still has amazing spots preserved. They are not used, usually not even recognised by students.

My idea was to create something permanent in this place, which can highlight this spot, even from far.

Decided to form individual tendril shapes in the hot shop. Arranged them carefully into this structure which is self-balancing on the bar of this historical space.

There is no sign of nature at all. Not even a romantical ruin-required small appearance of nature... It shines so brightly in the room - due to its intensely rich organic form-, as this spot (on the bar) is almost all day gets some light. Not stealing the limelight, just enough to attract visitors of the glass dept. 

It can stay there forever, but if it is touched it is likely to fall off. And it is supposed to be like that., just like a land art phenomenon.

The form itself is the result of the method of arranging the structure without any artificial bond.


Photos: Diána Farkas

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