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Light marks

„Besides glass, it is water and cyberspace that imply similar possibilities. All three can function in 'tele-vision' mode,

the objects locked into these materials remain visible, and they create  an unchangeable reality of a transparent medium” 

Vera Varga: Transparent thoughts - the meaning of glass


Being interested in water-caused light marks reflecting on ships,  I started to explore the way how this effect works with lenses. Something generally still; but purposefully also used in motion., or in different distances.
Experimental approach with plano-concave lenses. Flat glass sheet ground with diamond wheels, then projected in different ways.

Pictures: Diána Farkas
Videos: Gábor Pribék


Experimental tests

For Gábor Pribék's project, we used the same piece as well to alter letters: creating experimental typography.
The RGB effect is caused by his excellent exploration.


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