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Model No.308s Lighting Structures

This project is not about using the light 'usefully'; it is more about showing the 'magic' of this newly created monolith material.
The design -as a whole- influenced by electrical drawings, elevated to 3D and also the effect of left behind transformer boxes taken by nature.



Spectrum 308s:  rolled sheet glass;  clear and opal molten glass is mixed then flattened by big metal rolling pins. Firstly I was using this material supporting my sculptural ideas.  It is basically glass for tiffany technique or for stained glass windows.

I became interested in antique sheet glasses while I was working as a restorer. I just realized at that time - even if we call those type of glasses kitschy there is something unexpectedly beautiful in them. Seeing the edges of glass as culminated information - you can get more 'data' and an idea about how it was made - through them. Shamefully this is the hidden part of them.

Layering these originally 3mm thick sheets and creating blocks out of them let the viewer focus on something which is usually hidden - or originally not in the spotlight. My intention with this design is to let the viewer see the beauty of the material through an object, and drive his or her attention to my personal exploration. In this case, light makes sense for the objects, as the opal glass in it blocks the light, while the clear part let the light through.  A contradiction of that mixed newly created monolith. I also love the fact: bock as a noun and as a verb matching in the dimension of grammar/language. 


Dimensions: within 22 x 30 x 30 cm

Photos: Diána Farkas, Péter Botos

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