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Uma forma diferente de ver fotografias.j

This body of work (jewels, 'photo holder') try to enclose nowadays personal photography with a twist. Without digitally manipulating the picture: carefully composed 'material-virtuality'  and 'material-glitch' takes place and dominates the appearance of each and every object.

Using the natural effect of conchoidal fracture, and even forcing it to its limits.

„The image is not real, but virtual if the object is within the focal length of a positive lens or mirror”

More about the project:

BA diploma project

"Jewellery for web selling: Add to cart jewellery”

Shared pictures on social media. They are not artefacts nor 'quality images' but important enough for the person who owns and shares them. 

I created these pieces with uniquely broken-edged sheets of glass to get a truthless visual experience transformed from the original photos. In my pieces, you can find the unscathed picture as well, but it is not the front side of the creation.

As our task was to create preferably something wearable for web selling.

I decided to create something that can be suitable for quite a large audience and does not require to be tried on to make sure it fits well. Furthermore, you exactly know what to expect but at the same time, you have no idea what you will receive exactly. 

They are completely wearable although they are rather conceptual pieces, than classically decorative ones.

The photo holder is an addition,  a statement piece of this whole project. 
No matter what kind of picture is enclosed in my design, the original content barely shines through. The material glitch overgrows its overall appearance.

Photos: Máté Kovács, Diána Farkas

early-stage video experiment for the project: link

in Casa Vogue Brasil: link

GlitchOnYou 'photo frame' was awarded for the Stanislav Libenský Award and belongs to the collection of the Prague Gallery of Czech Glass, Prague, Czech Rep.


GOY_photoholder (1).jpg
Uma forma diferente de ver fotografias (
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