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Glazed Concrete

As part of an exclusive experimental course - provided by VPI Manufacture- I tried to combine glass and concrete.

There, they are working with a type of HPC -high-performance concrete- which is tricky to deal with. Through the process for testing -extremely different things out- I realised it sticks even to the smallest unevenness, The negative structure created on the glass sheets turned into super sensitive patterns on concrete. 

Rather than using glass as a negative form, it was interesting to treat glass as the solid glaze that can form concrete.

As the final result, I created a 'minimal baroque'  tile, sample which can be used on the wall, easy to clean, and having this rich pattern which is just elegantly sparkly after a certain distance.


Photos: Diána Farkas

First, I tried different grinding wheels to create 'patterns'. The ones which were poppy or hitting ones, so no one really used them before, as they were not doing their job correctly, but created interesting marks (see some of them on the pictures below)

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