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KYTKA exhibition

Setup concept + design for the studio of glass, UMPRUM for Artsemester exhibition

The primeur message of this setup is that we often create/design pieces which suppose to be part of our households but we are not showcasing them in that way. They are usually heady, drunk by their plinths. 
Rather than destroying this sanctuary-alike situation, they - so the pieces- are in clouds. Not just in a visual, but also in a multisensorial way: including the foam flooring and the music played. 
The transformation between being exhibited and becoming a reachable as an object is just about the clouds - so the heavenly atmosphere as a whole-, or the lack of it. They are all  -except the works hanged- equally placed on a 10 meters long 'tabletop'.

Works of art and design, and helping hands for the realisation: Students of the Studio of Glass, UMPRUM
Photos: Ondřej Přibyl, Tomáš Slavík, Tomáš Novák, Diána Farkas
Illustrations: Diána Farkas
Graphic design: Dávid Valovič

Type design: Jan Šindler
General help: studio assistants: Klára Hováčkova, Ivan Pokorný


Big thanks to Rony Plesl who chose my idea and let me realise my vision, and giving me free hand to do so.


from the first inspirations
till the very end

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