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Carafe set for Veolia

UMPRUM for Veolia
We had a strict brief to design a water carafe set for Veolia. 

My capsule-formed design recalls the inner space of the underground reservoirs - so this negative space accommodates the water, just like the architectural structure does. The hidden curves, so the top part of the carafe is shaped by the } (curly braces) symbol, which is used to summarise and to unify different items just us to highlight in proze.

With this project, whey wanted to make a connection, and raise awareness of the poor water-infrastructure of countries in need. So this product should connect the person buying the product with the one helped with this purchase. But in reality, water does.

It is a set with a carafe (1,5 l - as it was mandatory) comes with equally big glasses (4dl). The glass form also serves as the top part to close the carafe.

Special thanks to Piroska Novák

Dimensions: 28 cm, diameter: 10 cm

Photos: Tomáš Novák

Realised by Cerva Bohemia s.r.o. in Květná

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