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Diána Farkas is a freshly graduated designer from Hungary, mostly working with glass.

She employs design to transform thoughts into object creation. This abstraction gives room for all the hidden meaning she wishes to sneakily put into her work.

Critical thinking wrapped in beauty and/or oddness. 

Her main aim is to show a/her way of understanding little fragments of the world through works of design or art. Nature of materials and transparency; different usage of crafting methods; literal and abstract interpretation of forms and qualities excites Diána the most.

Curiosity for a better understanding.

Her works got recognised by magazines such as Neue Glas/New Glass or Casa Vogue Brasil and she also has been highlighted by Wallpaper* Magazine, in their Graduate Directory in 2015.

She represented Hungary during the European Glass Context Quadriennale in 2016 in the Curated section alongside with Endre Gaál.

ph.: Viktória Maróti
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